Customisable For Your Agency

Use your own agency branding and document templates. Restrict system access with user roles.

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Apply Your Agency Branding

Upload your agency logo and letterheads so that any documents or statements generated from Elevate, for either print or email, are styled with your established company branding to maintain your unique agency identity. Customisable page margins and offsets offer full control of the layout.

Customisable Document Templates

If you don't want to use the out-of-the-box letter and document templates, e.g. if you already use your own specific agency versions, then you can upload your versions. Use tags to generate mail-merge style documents with actual names, addresses and other data already populated.

User Roles and Privileges

Particularly in larger agencies, you may wish to restrict what different staff members can see and do. In addition to the out-of-the-box staff and manager roles, you can create and refine your own access roles to fine-tune the features and actions available to your staff.

Rent and Fee Models

Not all agencies apply rent in same way, or on the same day of the month. Whether you charge flat fees or use a percentage model, don't worry. We can configure Elevate to work the way you do; we don't expect you to change your agency to suit the software.

Landlord Login

Give your landlords improved transparency on how you are managing their properties by granting them read-only access to property statements and activity reports. Increased visibility of balances, jobs and viewings means reduced queries, and less interruptions for your staff.

Document Tags

When creating documents or letters, use a wide range of "mail merge" type tags which will be replaced with actual values when documents are generated.

Charge Types

As well as the default fee and charge types included out of the box, you can define and apply your own types of tenant and property charges.

Clearance Periods

Define the time taken for payments to clear into your bank account depending on payment method, and let Elevate take care of bank holidays.

Client Accounting

Easily record money in and out of agency. Quick financial statements. Simple bank reconciliation.


Comprehensive activity log. Visual alerts for important data and events. Quick reports and exports.