Elevate is being continually developed and improved as our customer base grows and the requirements of the property sector evolve. Naturally you’ll want to know what is being released so that you can get the best from the software, and explore new ways of getting things done using our systems.

What changes, and how often?

We typically roll out a number of feature improvements each month on each product. Sometimes these introduce completely new functionality but more often than not just incremental enhancements to existing features. Ideas for improvements may come from our own team, but usually originate via suggestions from our users. Agents and agency staff who use the systems day and daily are in the best position to identify areas which they would like to evolve, and we readily welcome feedback and feature ideas.

All software systems will have some level of bugs present – glitches in the software which produce unwanted or annoying results. Although our property software is professionally developed by the team at Tilt, it inevitably has bugs as well and from time to time users will raise support requests highlighting these glitches. When we find a bug, we will release a fix as quickly as possible. Depending on its severity and impact on users, that may well be within the hour.

Where to find out about updates?

If a change is obvious enough, you may well spot it next time you log in or reload your page. However, typically improvements are more subtle and you may not notice them straight away.

The Elevate user manual  includes a Release Notes section, which outlines items which have changed or been added. These are broken down into two categories – (1) New Features, Improvements and Updates, and (2) Bug Fixes. The first set are the more noteworthy and the title is quite self-explanatory. The second batch relate to glitches in the system which have been fixed up. If you’ve spotted something which have been annoying you, check this list to see when it has been resolved.

While these notes are arranged by month, they are actually updated regularly throughout the month as new releases are completed, so you don’t have to wait till the end of the month to see what has been happening.

A “software release” is just a batch of development work which we have completed (designed, developed and tested) and bundled up to place on our application servers. Once that new code is live, that is called a new software release. As soon as you refresh your screen when using our products, you are seeing the latest version.

If a new feature or product enhancement is noteworthy enough, we will add a system message to your login screen, or send a dedicated email shot on the new functionality.

In our monthly product newsletter we include a section highlighting the most noteworthy updates of the previous month, with links to these release notes where you can find out more. It’s a good idea to keep an idea on these on a regular basis. We’re going to start posting better product updates to social media going forward, and will also continue to inform users of these changes within the application where appropriate.

How do you get actually the updates?

Our full product suite is cloud-based and the software is easily accessed via any modern browser on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. This increasingly popular Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model means that nothing is installed on your local device, so you never need to manually update anything. Each time you reload the page within your browser you are looking at the latest version of our software; it’s as simple as that!

Hopefully you’ll now be more aware of the continuous improvement going on by our product development team behind the scenes. Rest assured, we’re not resting on our laurels, we’re always seeking new ways to make the software work better for your property business.

Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash