Here are some of the features, improvements, and bug fixes we shipped in September.

Major overhaul of security deposit processes

Last month saw some big enhancements to the way security deposits are handled within Elevate, right from the moment they are charged on a new tenancy, through the lodgement and protection process, to their return to the appropriate party. The workflow is now more natural and easy to follow, and addresses some long-standing confusion particularly when a deposit is returned in part to both the tenant and the landlord or agency to pay for damages or rent arrears.

You can also now access quick reports to identify deposits at each stage, i.e. outstanding deposits, those which have been received but need to be protected or lodged in the appropriate custodial or insured deposit scheme, and those which have been returned either partially or fully.

Read full details from our user manual on security deposits.

Deleting tenant receipt also deletes management fee, if unpaid

When a tenant transaction is recorded in the system relating to the payment of rent, a property management fee is usually applied, depending of course on your agency’s property fees configuration. If that transaction is subsequently deleted, most commonly to correct a data entry error, the associated management fee is now automatically removed also, provided it has not been paid. Previously the management fee needed to be removed separately and would have appeared on landlord and property views and statements with a warning icon showing it may no longer be valid. If the charge has already been paid, it will still need to be removed separately. This will involve removing the payment from the charge, and then deleting the charge itself.

Updated default sender ID for SMS messages

When text messages are sent from within the system, they will show a “sender ID” to the recipient. By default, this shows the product name, which we have now updated to “Elevate” from the old product name, ShowHouse, from before the Tilt rebrand. You can, however, set your own customised sender ID of up to 11 characters consisting of letters and numbers to make this more meaningful. Please note, though, that recipients cannot reply to text messages sent via this “sender ID” method. Please raise a support ticket to us and we will request the sender ID from the SMS service provider and set this up for you.

Alternatively, you can use your own mobile number which will allow recipients to reply to you. These replies will come back to the designated phone. However, the recipient will not know who the number is unless they have been made aware from the content, and store this as a contact. Naturally, you have to go through a short verification process to use your own number, but it is simple and straightforward, so please contact us if you prefer to use that approach.


For full details of all updates each month, check out the Release Notes section of the Elevate product helpdesk.