Here are some of the features, improvements, and bug fixes we shipped in August.

Improved tab layout for property list pages

The main listing page for properties within both the sales and lettings modules has been enhanced to provide a quick search bar, coupled with preset tabs for easily filtering by category. Instead of being presented with a full unsorted list of properties and having to apply filters, we have applied the most commonly used filters as tabs. For sales properties, you can quickly see those records in each stage of the pipeline, e.g. Valuation, For Sale, Sale Agreed, and Sold. For letting properties, you can readily view your managed versus let-only properties. In both cases, you can refine your search by applying additional criteria such as property type, location, price range, etc.

Optional forwarding postal address

In most circumstance, by default tenant statements and correspondence are addressed to the tenant’s current tenancy address. If the tenant is not in a current tenancy that address will default to the tenant’s home address, defined when the tenant has been set up. However, there may be scenarios where you wish to have a separate forwarding address. You can now configure a postal address for each tenant which will be used in all circumstances, if provided, overriding the normal order of preference.

Sort offers by date or value

Orders used to be sorted by value alone, but this presented problems where older but higher offers were no longer valid, and were overshadowing lower but active and more meaningful offers. Additional sorting has been added to the list of offers recorded against sale properties. You can now sort by date or offer value, in ascending and descending order.

New report for properties with no keys assigned

As properties come and go from your sales and lettings stock, keys from your key cabinet need to be returned and reassigned. This presents a housekeeping task to easily identify properties which don’t have keys assigned, so we have added a new report to highlight these.


For full details of all updates each month, check out the Release Notes section of the Elevate product helpdesk.